martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Black Vul Destruktor - Slaves

You have been a slave and you are only what you have
From father and mother you born to live in vain.
You believe to dominate, election possibilities
This is what belittles your life
You don’t know yourself more than you know others
And you listen the truth that your courage admitts

Statues of ourselves with feetof mud
Afraid of my stench you will worship me
But I don’t want servants nor monuments to humanity
Your commands I blasphemed to provoke and enjoy your hate
My faith is not the fear but it must call itself will
Invocation of evil forces cause of death and suffering

I am the result of what you call war
I am the enemy of saints and gods
i am who speaks beyond dogmas and doctrines
My Adversary, your enemy, finally, your destructor
I am what you don't want to see, I am the existence that you deny
I am gnaw and venomous bite at the same time
Winged serpent of destiny coil in my neck
Bite and nail down your venomous fangs in my throat

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