martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Black Vul Destruktor - The Torment Of The Illumination

Temple of abomination, a sacred idol proclaming the eon of man
Suffering, calling the pure will of the own beast glorified
Signals and proofs of transmutation of the spirit
Down the soul and body into eternal superior cosmic trance

The torment is rising
The astral angel of will
Manifesteation of carnal force
The dualism of outosacrifice

the key to the force of the universe dreaming into the beast.
beast created by the own adoration, eternal quest for atavism...

Vomiting the poisoned impurity of inverted prayer

Suicide the result of a superior unknowing power
A poisoned sigil vomiting by a evil mantra
A life autoattempt to disolve the human sens
To reach a power through a death posture invoked


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